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Eczema Relief for the Whole Family

Ultra soft Zinc-Infused products to help soothe irritated skin

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Eczema Oasis Edenswear Zinc Infused clothing and wraps



Edenswear Zinc-Infused Products

Made with our unique combination of TENCEL™ Lyocell and Smartcel™ Sensitive fibres, Edenswear wraps and clothing provide cover for itchy, irritated skin. Breathable, ultra-soft, and antimicrobial.



zinc-infused eczema wear for the whole family

Safe & Effective Eczema Wear

Say goodbye to sleepless nights trying to keep your little one's scratch mittens on! Our scratch sleeves come with super soft zinc-infused mittens, shown to soothe eczema and atopic dermatitis. Certified safe for babies and loved by parents everywhere.

Zinc Infused Cut-to-length Tubes

Get full coverage and protection with our cut-to-length tubes. Extremely soft, breathable and versatile, these zinc-infused wraps will last through multiple washings too!

zinc infused tube wraps for eczema